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Thank you for your interest in the Drive This Car! program. This is a unique experience where you can learn from and be mentored by me on a personal one-on-one level.


This is not a driving school. There is no classroom. I will personally work with you in a car that competes in one of NHRA's elite high-profile classes. These cars have been driven and won in competition. I will teach you everything from warm-up procedures, burnouts, staging, and pulling the chutes.


Thank you for your interest,


Del Worsham

A fee of $25,000 includes


  • Minimum of 3 runs (one 1/2 track, two full runs)

  • Maximum of 4 attempts

  • One full day of track rental

  • Crew

  • Safety personnel

  • 2 current liscensed drivers for sign-off



Any additional runs would add $5,000 on a pay-per-run basis


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